Recyclable & Non-Recyclable Materials In Our Environment

Recycling should not be something new to you because every day we buy things that are either wrapped in plastic bags or cardboard or other material. Most become useless over time, hence the need for recycling them. Recycling is good because it saves lots of energy. It also prevents our environment from becoming unnecessarily dirty, and it helps in creating a healthy environment amongst other benefits.

But not all item can be recycled; this article will be providing a list of things that can be recycled and those that cannot be recycled:

Items That Cannot Be Recycled

Most often the list of non-acceptable recycling items depends on the material used by recycling services in New Jersey. Some recycling services may accept some of the listed materials.

Items That Can Be Recycled

Below are items that can easily be recycled for your uses:

These are some of the materials that are accepted by recycling services in New Jersey.


It is essential at all times to recycle unused materials in our environment to build a healthy one. Items that cannot be recycled should be deposited correctly into trash cans or waste bin to ensure that the environment is preserved and sustained. Speak to us today at All County Recycling for your recycling service in New Jersey.