Certificates of Destruction in Trenton New Jersey

When it comes to our many secure destruction services, we make sure to provide Certificates of Destruction in order to give you peace of mind that your materials have been taken care of. Confidential or proprietary information can often be found on more than paper documents. If your rejected or outdated inventory ended up in the wrong hands, your business could face a large number of issues. Though these items likely don't seem to have any value, throwing them away could open you up to threats of corporate identity theft, espionage or fraud. Our destruction services at All County Recycling in Trenton, NJ, can minimize these risks.

Items that contain sensitive material include clothing, gloves, uniforms, medical materials like bracelets, blue wrap and X-rays, film, tape reels, microfilm and binders. Electronics like hard drives and memory sticks can also contain sensitive information, as can credit and loyalty cards associated with your business. In general, we will destroy almost anything that you need to securely and permanently dispose of.

Let our experts at All County Recycling provide you with an assessment of your secure destruction needs. Give us a call today to schedule this appointment. These services include a pick-up by specially trained security representatives, handling procedures that adequately implement a secure chain of custody and a certificate of destruction that details everything that's been destroyed. You will also be happy to know that all materials are disposed of in an environmentally compliant manner.

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