Checklist To Have An Effective Office Recycling Program

Checklist To Have An Effective Office Recycling Program

Checklist To Have An Effective Office Recycling Program

There are many advantages that come with recycling. Asides generating money in the process, it is a way to keep the earth safe and free from pollution. Hence, it is a good idea to have an effective recycling program for your office.

To have an effective recycling programming, a checklist is essential to keep everyone motivated and on track. Asides, there is this unexplainable satisfaction that comes with checking something off our list. In this regard, we have compiled some checks to make the recycling program easy at our office.

1. Choose an Eco-Ambassador for Your Office

The first thing to do is to have an eco-ambassador for the recycling program. This should be a person who naturally loves recycling and understands the importance. Thus, his passion will be a motivation for others to be actively involved in the process. Asides, this fellow will be the person to contact for everything relating to recycling.

2. Have a Waste Analysis

It is via a waste analysis process that you will be able to identify the kind of waste your office generates most. You will also determine the kind of receptacles applicable as well as the collection method suitable for your office.

3. Contact Your Recycling Company

At the early stage of implementing a recycling program for your firm, experts of paper recycling in New Jersey advise selecting and contacting a recycling company. All County recycling, for instance, can tell you what material is accepted, the frequency of collection, where the containers should be located, the ideal size and quantities for your container, the preferred collection methods and others.

4. Analyze Your Floor Plan

We also recommend noticing the part of the office that produces the most waste. It could be the kitchen, near the employee desk, but most especially, the copy room. Thus, any room that generates materials the most should get a container located in such room. According to the paper recycling in New Jersey, it will improve employee participation.

5. Encourage Employees to participate

After having a recycling program running in your business, send out a memo to all workers. This will inform them of your new interest in recycling, the efforts you have put into it, what you hope to achieve and the guidelines.

You will also have to explain collection efforts, introduce and make available the eco ambassador’s contact details giving your workers opportunity to contact him in case of any question.

6. Constant reporting

As the recycling program progress, we encourage regular reporting. With this, you get to see the progress of your endeavors by noting the rate of diversion and recycling as well as the cost savings. With this, you will determine if your effort is worth the stress or not. Asides, you will also be able to determine what is working and what needs adjustment, so you can adapt.

The paper recycling in New Jersey can help your business manage recycling effectively. Get in touch with us today and we will be more than glad to offer our assistance.