7 Effective Swaps to Create A Plastic Free Environment

7 Effective Swaps to Create A Plastic Free Environment

7 Effective Swaps to Create A Plastic Free Environment

Plastics are found everywhere in form of shopping bags, drinks bottle, toiletries, food packaging and many more. Plastic are always used because they can always be renewed through plastic recycling in New Jersey. However, the overuse of plastic may have a devastating consequence on the environment and this has prompted the intervention of some concerned environmentalists to create some intriguing plastic-free alternatives to drastically reduce the use of plastic.

Plastic recycling in New Jersey is one important way to reduce plastic waste in the environment. Rather than constituting a nuisance to the society, it has been becoming more popular. However, we are looking at a way of reducing the use of plastic product because despite plastic recycling efforts in New Jersey, the use of plastic has its attendant side effect. A way to make the environment plastic-free is through swapping of plastic product with plastic-free substitute.

Plastic-free shopping bags

Plastic shopping bags constitute problem in the environment. The solution to this problem is the string shopper. The string shoppers are incredibly strong and so compact that you can put them in your bag. Also, appear look great and have recently become a fashionable.

Steel Straws

Plastic straws contribute greatly to our environmental challenges. It has been discovered that about 8.55 billion plastic straws are being discarded every year without the chance to go through the process of plastic recycling in New Jersey. This wastage can be avoided through the use of steel straw. The steel straw can serve in the same capacity and can be reused.

Plastic –free food wrap

It is important to find the plastic-free replacement of Clingfilm. A perfect solution is the Beeswax; it is a plastic free replacement of Clingfilm. They can be reused and biodegradable. Therefore, Beeswax is an environmentally friendly alternative to Clingfilm

Metal water bottle

It has been discovered that about one million plastic water bottles are bought every single minute around the whole world. In fact, this is one of the most alarming way plastics are been used all over the world. The best solution here is the use of can or metal bottle. Choosing a can over a plastic bottle and the use of metal drink bottle can make the big difference.

Bamboo toothbrush

Throwing away your used plastic toothbrush is one of the ways we contribute to environmental problem. There are lots of environmental friendly alternatives to plastic brush. Some of these alternatives are electric toothbrushes and bamboo toothbrushes. The Electric toothbrush last longer while the bamboo toothbrushes completely eliminate the need for plastic toothbrushes.

Plastic – free lunchboxes

A better alternative to plastic lunchboxes is a wood lunchbox. With proper construction, it will still have reasonable temperature retention capacity to keep food warm or cold as needed.

Plastic – free tampon

Rather than giving up on the female hygiene product, it is better to consider the plastic –free alternatives. The use of a tampon without an applicator may be unrealizable but you can consider a tampon applicator that can be reused rather than using them once. This is a way of making them environmentally friendly.

An effective way of reducing plastic waste is to ensure efforts are made to encourage plastic recycling in New Jersey for all used plastic products. Contact us today for a free consultation on how to set up a plastic recycling program.