4 Effective Tips to Reduce Office Waste

4 Effective Tips to Reduce Office Waste

4 Effective Tips to Reduce Office Waste

Many more businesses are now taking the initiative to go green. Despite this, quite a number of businesses are still lagging behind and still do not work with recycling centers in New Jersey to reduce their office waste.

Making the effort to reduce, reuse and recycle at the workplace is a good idea. Your business will benefit in many ways. Besides the fact that you get to save space and have less clutter, it can end up saving you money being cost effective. And it also benefits the environment.

We will provide top tips for setting up a good waste reduction program which will also help reduce your waste system.

1. Focus on Paper Consumption

Majority of office waste is made of paper. Hence, one of the best strategies to reduce office waste is to reduce how much paper is used. There are two actions you can take to reduce paper. You can set up all printers to double side. This will reduce the consumption of paper by half. The other step involves a staff activating a printing job at the printer. This is because half of the jobs sent to the printer are hardly collected.

2. Reduce or Reuse

One of the cool ways to reduce waste is by paper reduction strategies. However, there are other areas where one can reuse or reduce resources. There could be a couple of articles in your waste stream that can be reduced. Cardboards, furniture, IT, stationery, toners etc are all office accessories that can be reused. This is an effective way to reduce office waste.

3. Gradually Improve Your recycling

After trying all the options you have to reduce and reuse waste in the office, you should also explore recycling options. To have an effective recycling program, you have got to start small. While you start gradually, build on the foundation to have a solid recycling culture in the workplace.

In most offices, paper and cardboard usually account for the highest volumes of waste produced. These will be good to start with. With time, you can expand to recycling other materials like plastics, glass, bulbs, batteries, CDs, toners, IT pieces of equipment, fluorescent light etc. You can contact us to set up an effective recycling center in New Jersey for you.

4. Use Good bins and Effective labeling

While all offices use a lot of recyclable materials, not all of them have a special place designed for recyclable materials. On introducing recycling into your office, be sure to communicate this to your staff. They have to know where the recycling facilities are for your efforts to be effective.

Bins and containers come in different sizes and types and sizes that will be effective for your office. All in all, you need bins that are cheap, durable and pretty visible. It is also a good idea to separate waste bins. This will help ensure that the recycling waste does not get contaminated. You could also invest in color-coded bins which are displayed conspicuously at the office.

There are many advantages of reducing waste generated in the office. The bright side is that besides the business benefits, you are also saving the environment. Get in touch with us at All County Recycling if you are in need of a recycling center in New Jersey to handle your office waste.