Come, Let Us Recycle Cartons

Come, Let Us Recycle Cartons

Come, Let Us Recycle Cartons

When it comes to paper recycling in New Jersey, most people are only familiar with some recyclable items such as bottles, cans, and paper. Other items like cartons are newer to the recycling list of many. This is the reason why you should know what to throw and what to keep for recycling in your bin or right down at the drop-off location.

Rinse, Recycle and then Repeat

The cardinal rule is that you should always remember you are way capable of recycling more than you think. Paper recycling in New Jersey also incorporates milk cartons, soap, cartons, and juice boxes. You can recycle all of these at All County Recycling facilities in New Jersey.

The fact is, carton recycling is not a difficult task. Like the process used in paper recycling in New Jersey, the cartons only need to be rinsed before placing them into your bin, leaving the lid or cap on.

During this time, make sure nothing a wish cycling item is involved. Keep such items like food pouches and plastic bags from your curbside bin.

The importance of recycling cartons

As much as paper recycling in New Jersey is concerned, recycling cartons are also very profitable. It also helps in saving the ecology by protecting trees from which these materials are made. Aside from that, there are two kinds of cartons. We have the refrigerated carton and the shelf-stable carton. There is a slight difference between these two cartons, and that involves the materials used in making them.

For instance, the materials used in making shelf-stable cartons include a little amount of aluminum plus high-quality paper and plastic. At All County Recycling facilities, these materials can be separated and then recycled into becoming a valuable resource. Due to the fact that the production of cartons mainly involved paper, recycling them is highly profitable.

From being a carton to something new

Cartons that have been recycled can be used in making a variety of products. Considering that cartons are produced from high-quality paper, they can fit into the production and packaging of different consumer goods like issue papers, paper towels, office papers, as well as building materials. Presently, there are more products being packaged in cartons compared to previous times. Therefore, any time you are planning to visit the facilities at All County Recycling, be sure to add cartons to your recycling routine. Cartons are always a better part of any paper recycling in New Jersey.

The breakdown process

Items that are closely related to cartons are paper packaging and cardboard. First, break down all cardboard boxes before including them in your bin. Do not recycle any grease or food-stained boxes or boxes involving pizza delivery. It has been confirmed that cardboard recycling takes only 75% of the energy required to recycle new ones. Learn how to add cartons/cardboard recycling to your routine.

All County Recycling is the place to be for all your paper recycling in New Jersey

If you are wondering where to go for your paper recycling in New Jersey, the place to be is All County Recycling. We have all the facilities to handle your paper recycling needs and we offer the best and most competitive prices. Just place a call to us at (603) 393-6445.