5 Things You Thought Are Unrecyclable

5 Things You Thought Are Unrecyclable

5 Things You Thought Are Unrecyclable

There are lots of thing that can actually be recycled at any recycling center in New Jersey but are unknown to a lot of people. This article is dedicated towards giving you the top five items that you thought can never be recycled. The items are given below:

Food leftovers

If you do not have a dog to consume your leftovers, don’t dump your leftover in the waste bin. It is beneficial to recycle all your food waste by putting them in your food and garden recycling bin. This is a good way to turn your food and garden waste into a revive compost. You are advice not to use plastic carrier bags in your caddy as they are not biodegradable.


All your empty aerosols can be effectively recycled in the mixed recycle bin and you can as well make use of any recycling center in New Jersey. You can now recycle all your shaving foam, deodorant, fly spray as well as hair care product. To recycle this item, you must ensure that they are empty and put them in your mixed recycle bin. To make the collection of your recycling easier, it is better to have a separate recycle bin in the bathroom.

Cardboard Cartons

Milk, soap or tomato cartons can be effectively recycled in your cardboard or paper bin. All you need to do is to rinse them, remove the plastic lid and recycle them along with other cardboard and paper materials. Better still, you can engage the services of a recycling center in New Jersey for effective recycle of all your cardboard materials.

Foil and foil tray

The foil in this context include takeaway foil trays as well as kitchen foil. Rinse the trays and place them in your mixed recycling bin along with other tins and aluminum cans. If you are in doubt whether or not you can recycle some types of foil items, it is better to scrunch test. The item is recyclable if it can be scrunched and it remains scrunched up. Try the scrunching with the crisp packet to ascertain if it is actually recyclable at the recycling centre in New Jersey. The crisp pocket cannot be recycled because they are mainly made up of metallic plastic film and foil. Therefore, the Crisp packet will spring open when they are scrunched up.


Meat bones that come from pork, beef, fish, chicken and many other animal meats can be recycled effectively. You might consider them unrecyclable because they will not compost in the garden compost bin. The fact is that they can be recycled effectively. In fact, they can be recycled along with all your garden waste and food. It is advisable to keep your kitchen caddy at a place that is easily accessible. A lot of people keep their caddy beneath the sink or the worktop. It is essential to place your candy somewhere close by to enable you collect your raw food, cooked food, leftover food as well as anything that has gone moldy a bit. A recycling centre in New Jersey is the best place to get all your items recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

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