You Can Recycle More Than You Think

You Can Recycle More Than You Think

You Can Recycle More Than You Think

You may have gotten down the basics of curbside recycling even when thinking about the recycling center in New Jersey. You put cans, bottles, papers, and cardboard in your bin and you tacitly avoid doing anything else—giving you a general knowledge of what to throw. But do you know there is more you can actually do? Yes, there is.

You can recycle even more by just adding to your recycle routine another room or simply make use of drop-off locations to handle items that cannot be recycled curbside.

Discovering what you can recycle

Do not be afraid to seek help when it comes down to finding out more things that you can recycle. Two heads are always better than one, and there are resources available at All County Recycling that will enable you to find the best means of disposing of almost any item. Such resources can also help you to start adding more recycle items like shampoo bottles, laundry detergent bottles, toiletry boxes, glossy paper, and cartons to your recyclable list.

You can know what to throw by remembering and following these tips:

  • Recycle drink and food cartons – do not recycle drink and food pouches
  • Recycle paper – do not recycle food-soiled papers napkins. Compost it.
  • Recycle beverage bottles and jars and food – do not recycle drinking glasses.
  • Recycle plastic egg cartons – never recycle Styrofoam egg cartons

For more tips on what to recycle, call All County Recycling at (603) 393-6445.

Using a winning combination

You can achieve the most out of your recycling program by making sure you are keeping wish cycling items far away from your curbside bin. If by the time your pick-up date has arrived and your recycle cart is already full, but with room to spare on your garbage can, it means you have done well.

When you have taken time to ensure that everything that’s within your cart is safe for facilities to use and are recyclable, you are avoiding a waste of money, time and creation of more waste, which is the problem of wish cycling.

Another thing you mustn’t forget is that "unaccepted in curbside bins" does not mean "not recyclable". What you should do is use drop-off locations for those items that cannot be recycled curbside. This will help take your habit to the next level.

Over there, Not here

Some items that pose serious problems to recycling facilities can, however, be recycled through drop-options and facilities offered by All County Recycling at the recycling center in New Jersey. What you should do is to keep such items from the garbage can and make use of the recycling options offered by the likes of All County Recycling. It is worth the trip.

Below are some items you can actually recycle:

  1. Textile & Clothing

    You can give your clothes as a donation. Curbside textile recycling or drop-off programs are available in some cities.

  2. Plastic bags

    Never add them to your recycle bin because they can cause serious problems for recycling facilities. Instead, make use of plastic film recycling boxes.

  3. Mattresses

    Although they appear bulky and large, 90% of them are recyclable.

  4. Food and organic waste

    There recyclable options for this one such as the curbside recycling program in Minneapolis or the drop-off options located in Ramsey County, or the recycling center in New Jersey. .

Right there, right here and everywhere

You can actually maximize your recycling options by simply recycling at home using your curbside bin. But never forget to bring others or even all to the drop-off locations and recycling center in New Jersey at All County Recycling.