5 Fun Summer Recycling Activities

5 Fun Summer Recycling Activities

5 Fun Summer Recycling Activities

Before you hear that your children are bored again, get them involved in a fun summer recycling project. There are many fun options available, but here are some top-notch ideas that you might want to consider.

Grow Vegetables

Planting your vegetable garden, even on an apartment patio, is a fun way to teach children about the food that they are consuming. Moving food across America can produce a lot of pollution as most meals in American travel more than 1,400 miles before reaching a dinner table. Your children will enjoy learning about the growing process. You may also want to encourage them to stick to foods that are locally grown as most are trucked less than 50 miles before ending up on your dining table. Furthermore, you can teach about how sit-down restaurants use far fewer non-recyclable items than fast-food options.

Make a Recyclable Craft

There are many recyclables that you can use in craft projects with your children, and you will both enjoy spending time together. If you have old tires around, then you can easily paint them and make a cushion for the middle creating kid-friendly seating. You can gather items from nature and put them between layers of melted wax paper to create your bookmarks or turn old cans into desktop organizers. You and your children may also enjoy turning old pallets into a fort.

Do a Family Service Project

Gather everyone together and head to a park to pick up trash. Make sure that everyone has their reusable water bottle and gloves to wear. See who can pick up the most trash. Then, sort it with your family. Create two piles with one being for recyclables and one being for items that need to put in the dumpster.

Collect and Use Rainwater

Your children will love collecting rainwater on a hot summer day when it rains. Give everyone a bucket and let them collect it on their own or head to the hardware store to buy a rainwater barrel. Talk about changes that you have seen in the environment. Then, use the water to give household plants a drink or allow your children to use the water for a fun water activity.

Clean Out Closets

There are many things that you can make from recycled clothing. Cut off the top of a pair of jeans that do not fit anymore and make a cute crossbody bag. Cut fabric into long strips and braid them together to create a cloth rug. If you still have a stash of plastic bags, then you can cut them into pieces and crochet a bag.

There are lots of ways to get your children involved in recycling, but you can set an example by recycling at work and talking about it at home. Contact All County Recycling in New Jersey today to start receiving recycling service in New Jersey. Their recycling service in New Jersey also covers select areas of Pennsylvania.