How to host an Office Recycling Challenge at Your Startup

How to host an Office Recycling Challenge at Your Startup

How to host an Office Recycling Challenge at Your Startup

Many CEOs find it frustrating to get employees to buy into their corporate recycling program. Even though the law may insist that they do it, and you encourage it regularly, it may take something else to get employee participation to skyrocket. Holding an office recycling challenge may help.

Decide on Timeframe

There are many different factors that go into deciding the right length of time to have your office recycling challenge last. Decide if you want to make it one longer project or several shorter challenges. Keep in mind that it takes about 65 days for a new behavior to become a habit.

Conduct a Waste Audit

Employees should be shown what they are throwing away now that can be recycled. Grab some gloves and a full trashcan before a meeting and empty it to show how much of the material in it can be recycled. While employees may become grossed out while you are emptying the trash can, it is a visual that will stick in their minds.

Get the Equipment

Call All County Recycling to get you the supplies and equipment you need to start recycling. This recycling center in New Jersey will be glad to discuss with you your startups' needs and where equipment should be in your facility. Cardboard, paper, and plastic can all be recycled.

Decide on Your Teams and Appoint Leaders

Enthusiastic leaders are what makes this challenge work, so choose team members that will stay enthused throughout the project. Divide your employees into different teams. Offer the winning team a prize that will encourage everyone to try their best.

Track and Post Results

Decide how you are going to decide the winner. Make a large display that shows what the team is winning. Keep it updated on a regular basis so that everyone stays motivated. You will also want to make sure to announce it at meetings or write about it in the company’s newsletter. You may also want to regularly discuss why recycling is important. For example, ask employees if they knew that almost every office worker threw away about a pound of cardboard every day or ask them if they knew that seven trees must be cut down to make the amount of paper that the average American uses annually.


At the end of the competition, make sure to give out the award to the top team. Then, ask employees for feedback about the challenge. Use that feedback to refine your office recycling challenge and try again. Some companies give bonuses to the winning team, others give paid time off while still others give a t-shirt or a baseball cap. Others choose to take the winning team out for lunch or have lunch catered to the office.

All County Recycling, your recycling center in New Jersey, wants to help make this a fun event. Talk to them about your ideas by calling them at (609)393-6445.