How to Live a More Sustainable Life

How to Live a More Sustainable Life

How to Live a More Sustainable Life

Have you been looking to live a more sustainable life in order to help preserve the environment and create a better tomorrow for future generations?  As a recycling center in New Jersey, we value the environment and help our clients to understand the benefits of recycling and other ways to help our planet.  There a few recommendations that can help you achieve a more sustainable lifestyle so you can create a better planet.  

Reduce Energy Costs

Cutting your everyday energy costs is a great place to start making conscious decisions that can positively impact the environment.  Simple actions like unplugging your device chargers, turning off lights when you leave the room, or using a smart thermostat to adjust temperatures when you are away can make a big impact on your energy costs.  


Recycling can help you decrease the amount of trash that ends up sitting in landfills, which is creating a large issue globally.  Recycling can also help to repurpose and reuse certain materials.  Paper and cardboard can easily be reused many times over to create more paper goods.  Plastics can be repurposed into more plastic goods.  Educate yourself on what materials your local recycling center will take, and then designate a recycling bin inside your home.  These measures will help make recycling a part of your daily routine.  

Donate old belongings

When you clean out your closets and storage areas in your home, consider donating your unused or neglected items.  Charitable donations can not only make you feel good, they can also help to provide someone in need with recycled or repurposed goods that still function.  Instead of contributing to additional waste in landfills, your old belongings can become someone else's treasures.

Save Water

Another simple change you can make is to conserve water.  This requires small changes like taking quicker showers instead of long baths, drinking filtered tap water instead of bottled water, and also turning off faucets when you are no longer using them.  Also, consider running your appliances only when necessary, as washing machines and dishwashers use up a lot of water.  By saving water, you will help to conserve energy.

Use Reusable Containers

Investing in reusable supplies, like water bottles and food storage containers, will help you avoid using paper products that will add to the abundant amount of waste on our planet.  Reusable containers may cost more up front, but they will save you money in the long run.  

These are only just a few of the ways you can start living a more sustainable life by making more environmentally friendly decisions.  As a recycling center in New Jersey, we aim to help make it easier for our customers to contribute to the overall recycling efforts to help curb wastefulness and pollution.  Contact us today to hear about our recycling services.