How You Can Develop Proper Recycling Habits

How You Can Develop Proper Recycling Habits

How You Can Develop Proper Recycling Habits

We've all heard the saying many times.  Reduce, reuse, recycle.  We also are well-aware of the many environmental benefits recycling has on our Mother Earth.  However, when it comes to implementing recycling in our everyday lives, we seem to struggle.  As a recycling center in New Jersey, we at All County Recycling help implement recycling centers and awareness in our local community and beyond.  In order to keep our communities and world safe from pollution, it is important to know how we can develop and maintain proper recycling habits in our homes and businesses.  

Know What You Can Recycle

It is important to consult with your local recycling company in order to find out a list of items that are recyclable in your area.  Typically, most companies will accept all bottles, glasses, and cans.  Recycling companies also suggest that you keep your recycled items relatively clean, so make sure to wash out jars and bottles before placing them in the recycling bin.  Paper and cardboard products are also popular recycled items, but be sure to fold them in order to decrease the amount of space they take up.   This will help keep your recycling bin from overflowing as well.

Know What You Can't Recycle

In order to successfully recycle in your home, it is also important to know what you shouldn't recycle.  Even though you should repurpose your plastic bags, you should not place them in your recycling bin.  These will add to the trash problem and simply pollute the environment.  It is advisable to invest in a reusable bag and avoid using plastic bags all together.  Also, don't recycle any foam containers, like egg cartons, or any soiled food containers.

Designate a Recycling Area in Your Home

By having a designated recycle bin, you are more likely to incorporate recycling into your everyday routine.  This will establish recycling as an expectation and a habit.  Instead of throwing away a cardboard box, you will be more likely to recycle it when you are aware of where to put it and how to properly recycle it.  This will increase your likelihood of placing proper items in the recycling container.

Invest in Reusable Items

In order to decrease your use of plastics, which contributes much of the Earth's pollution, we suggest that you invest in items that can be washed and reused.  By using travel coffee mugs, reusable water bottles, lunch boxes, and other affordable items, you will cut down on your use of plastics.  Invest in products that can easily be washed and reused daily.  Not only will you save money in the long run, but you will reduce the amount of plastic drink bottles, plastic bags, containers, plastic cups, and other commonly used plastics.  

By implementing these strategies into your daily life, you can make recycling easy and consistent.  As a recycling center in New Jersey, we seek to help our customers become aware of how their recycling efforts could positively affect their community for the better.  By educating our customers on the benefits of recycling and teaching them how to become effective and habitual recyclers, we can change the world one household at a time.  Contact us today to join our recycling efforts and help our planet thrive.