Simple Tips to reduce Plastic Pollution at Home

Simple Tips to reduce Plastic Pollution at Home

Simple Tips to reduce Plastic Pollution at Home

Every year, billions of plastics in all forms are sent to the landfills. These plastics remain there for many years without decaying. This is not surprising as plastics are not biodegradable. A biodegradable substance is a substance that cannot be broken down by microorganisms and plastics are not.

With the above in mind, two options are recommended. We can reduce the amount of plastic we use at home. We can also improve our recycling efforts such that this plastic doesn’t seat around as eyesores. Rather, they can be reused and made into other products.

Making the effort to limit the amount of plastic we use is very important. This not only reduces pollution but also improves environmental health, locally and internationally. To many people out there ready to reduce how much plastic they use, we have the following points which can guide you.

Stop Buying Disposable Water Bottle

Instead of disposable water bottles, invest in reusable bottle and a faucet filter. Records have it that using a reusable water bottle can limit the number of plastic bottles going into landfills by almost 1,500 bottles. This figure is for a single individual. Hence, if everyone practices this, you can imagine how much you are saving.

Reuse Plastic Containers

Food items come in plastic containers which you can reuse. This will not only save the environment, but also save you money that would have been spent buying new Tupperware. This singular endeavor can reduce over 20 plastic containers per year per person. This translates into a saving of around $25 a year.

Subscribe to homemade baby Food

Rather than buying baby food that comes in little plastic tubs, you can actually make your own. If families with babies adopt this, they can save more than one thousand plastic tubs from being disposed off per year.

Buy in Bulk to reduce Plastic Wrappers

Bulk purchase is also a good way to save on plastic wrapper. You not only reduce pollution, but you also save money with this. However, be sure not to buy bulk items that package a lot of single items. This will defeat the entirely goal. Leading to more waste.

Stay Away from Single Drink Containers

Juice box is a common example of single drink container. Avoid them and consider buying a larger glass bottle of juice. You can also buy frozen concentrates. They are perfect choices as they produce less waste.

Avoid Disposable Diapers

Rather than disposable diapers, use the ones made of cloths instead. In a single year, a single baby can use over three thousand diapers. This is huge and can be replaced by less than a hundred cloth diapers. They are also environmental-friendly as they can be decomposed easily compared to disposable diapers. You also get the advantage of saving money, as you can save over $500 a year using cloth diapers.

All in all, if you end up using any plastic, be sure to recycle them. Do not just throw them away. That is adding to pollution. Get in touch with us at All County Recycling to know more about plastic recycling in New Jersey.