Five Simple Ways to Increase Recycling Efforts in Your Home

Five Simple Ways to Increase Recycling Efforts in Your Home

Five Simple Ways to Increase Recycling Efforts in Your Home

Are you looking to help the environment by recycling in your home?  This can be made easy by only making subtle changes to your daily routine.  Increasing your recycling efforts will conserve the environment by reusing materials instead of having them clutter our landfills and add to unnecessary waste.  Our recycling service in New Jersey can assist with your household recycling essentials by providing you with a bin and a calendar of our collection times.  Here are a few simple ways you can increase your recycling efforts in your home.

Know What to Recycle

The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the types of materials and goods that your recycling center in New Jersey accepts.  By doing so, you'll be able to filter out these materials.  You can also start to purchase these types of materials instead of consumables in order to decrease the waste that leaves your home.  Contact your local recycling center to ask about what they'll accept.

Recycle Your Electronics

Proper removal of your electronics and batteries can increase your recycling efforts.  Many electronics, such as old cell phones, chargers, cables, old computers, and more will be accepted by charities and non-profit organization that can refurbish them.  Instead of sending them to the dumpster, become aware of how they can do someone else some good.  You should research places that accept old technology, and then contact them to schedule proper removal or drop off.

Plan for Reuse

Whenever you anticipate recycling, you will be able to consider all the ways you can reuse certain goods and supplies in your home.  For example, you can use old jars to store items like pens or pencils and boxes for storing supplies or decorations.  If you consider how you will reuse these items, you will actually follow through with it.  

Donate Old Goods

Prevent clutter by donated old goods, like clothing or toys.  This is beneficial for many reasons, such as repurposing goods and helping others.  There are many donation centers that accept household supplies that you no longer need.  Avoid throwing these items away by dropping them off at their location or arranging a pickup time for these goods.  

Designate a Recycling Bin

Many homes have a trash can in an easy accessible location.  However, they forget to get a recycling bin.  By having a designated recycling bin near the kitchen or other trash can, you will not have any excuses as to why you can't recycle.  This is one simple way to increase your recycling efforts in your home, and you will likely see less trash removal over time.

By implementing these suggestions into your home, you will notice an improvement in your recycling efforts.  Help your community by being aware of the reusable materials that you can recycle and help avoid unnecessary waste.  Contact our recycling center in New Jersey to get started today.