Four Facts about Recycling Your Plastic Bags

Four Facts about Recycling Your Plastic Bags

Four Facts about Recycling Your Plastic Bags

Do you find yourself collecting plastic bags when you return from the store?  Are you saving them for other purposes or are you simply just unaware of how to properly dispose of them?  Although there are many alternatives to plastic bags, they seem to inevitably make it into many households.  Then, when people get rid of them, they throw them in the garbage.  However, many people don't know that plastic bags should be recycled.  At our center, we help increase efforts for plastic recycling in New Jersey.  Here are a few facts you should know about how you can recycling your plastic bags.

You Can Recycle Some

Whenever it comes time to recycle in your home, you may be curious about what exactly you should recycle.  First, you will want to contact your local recycling center to get a list of what they accept and familiarize yourself with it.  Many bag collection bins will accept some types of plastic bags.  Some plastic bags that you can typically put in the recycling bin are Ziploc bags, shopping bags, bread bags, and newspaper wrapping.

You Should Use Bag Collections

If your local recycling center does not accept plastic bags, you will want to look around your local superstores for bag collection bins.  These are typically located at grocery stores, department stores, and places like Walmart or Target.  They will typically work to repurpose the plastic bags you use when you are shopping in hopes to curb the litter around the world.

You Need to Clean Them First

Before you put your plastic bags in the trash, you want to be sure to clean them.  They should be dry and clean before you put them in the recycling bag to avoid contaminating the rest of the bin.  If you do not thoroughly clean and dry your plastic goods, it will deem the entire bin contaminated and decrease your recycling efforts overall.

You Can Throw Away Some

Some plastics cannot be recycled, but you will want to be sure to use these minimally.  Items like frozen food bags, chip bags, candy bar wrappers, and six-pack rings.  Unfortunately, these items cannot be repurposed.  However, we recommend that you prevent using these materials anytime that you can.  This way, you will stop contributing to the overall plastic pollution issue overall.

These are some facts you should consider when it comes time for you to recycle your plastic bags.  Plastics contribute to much of the world's litter, because it takes an extremely long time to degrade and break down.  To prevent adding more plastics to the world, you should increase your plastic recycling in New Jersey and help save the planet one plastic bag at a time.  Contact us to get started with your recycling efforts today.