How to Live More Sustainably and Save Money at the Same Time

How to Live More Sustainably and Save Money at the Same Time

How to Live More Sustainably and Save Money at the Same Time

Do you think that using more sustainable items actually costs you more money in the long run?  Are you tired of paying extra for eco-friendly products for your home?  Many people stray from living a more sustainable life because they believe it also comes with a heftier price tag.  As a recycling center in New Jersey, we actually urge our community to find ways to save money while also practicing an eco-conscious lifestyle.  There are a few tips on how you can both save money and live sustainably at the same time.

Change Your Lightbulbs

Making the small change to your lightbulbs can have a dramatic effect on the amount of energy you need to run your household.  With the rise in working from home, you will likely want to make any changes you can to spare energy usage.  Changing all your fluorescent lightbulbs into LED lightbulbs will help you achieve this.  LED lightbulbs will also require fewer changes throughout their lifetime, as they last much longer than traditional lightbulbs.

Ride a Bike or Public Transit When You Can

If you live in an urban community or you don't have a long commute to work, you should consider riding your bike or using public transportation.  When you use ride-share programs and opt to ride your bike, you will reduce the amount of carbon emissions you contribute to the environment.  Everyone that uses these methods of transportation actually help the air stay much cleaner, while also saving money on gas and car repairs.

Use Power Strips

Many of us are aware that even electronics that are turned off will still utilize energy if they remain plugged in.  However, this doesn't often stop many of us from unplugging every single device each time we are done using it.  Opting for power strips can solve this problem.  Plug your electronics and devices into power strips to make it easier to unplug everything at once.  This will prevent you from using more energy than you need to, especially when your devices sit idle anyways.

Use Reusable Water Bottles

Bottled water bottles actually contribute much of the planet's plastic waste.  This waste then ends up crowding oceans, which has a negative effect on marine ecosystems.  To prevent the buildup of plastic, opt for reusable water bottles.  Instead, you can get water from a sink or fridge water dispenser each time you go for a refill.  This will prevent you from wasting more resources and contributing to the plastic problem.  

By following these tips, you can save money and also live sustainably and make an impact on the environment.  By living sustainably as much as you can, you can work on reducing your carbon footprint and leaving the world a better place.  If you are looking to increase your recycling efforts in our community, contact our recycling center in New Jersey to get started today.