The Benefits of Cardboard Recycling in New Jersey

The Benefits of Cardboard Recycling in New Jersey

The Benefits of Cardboard Recycling in New Jersey

Do you get a lot of deliveries in your home?  Are you frequently throwing away your cardboard after opening boxes or are you recycling your cardboard after you dispose of it?  If you are not recycling your cardboard, you should start to increase your efforts to do so.  Cardboard recycling in New Jersey can have many positive effects on the environment around you, starting with your small community and working your way up to the trees and forests.  There are many benefits of cardboard recycling in New Jersey and the world around you.

Conserves Energy and Water

When you recycle cardboard, it can be repurposed to become more cardboard products.  This will help reduce the amount of energy that is used to manufacture cardboard.  Instead, this energy can be saved for more necessary processes, especially that of making new goods.  Also, when cardboard is created, the process requires the use of water to break down the structure of the wood into usable parts for cardboard.  Without the need for as much manufactured cardboard, thousands of gallons of water can be conserved.  

Reduces Pollution

When cardboard is manufactured, it releases air pollution into the environment.  This air pollution contributes to acid rain, which causes extreme pollution and toxins to leak into our streams, rivers, and water supply.  Without the need to manufacture more cardboard, we can drastically reduce the pollution that fills the air from this process.  Instead, consider many ways to help increase your cardboard recycling in New Jersey.

Preserves Forests

Cardboard is created by cutting down trees and then slicing them into usable pieces for manufacturing.  By recycling cardboard, you will get multiple uses from the same piece, which reduces the need to cut down more trees.  Over time, this will help prevent unnecessary deforestation.  Saving the trees also helps improve air quality, as they release fresh oxygen into the atmosphere.

Saves Wildlife

Whenever forests are being preserved, wildlife will not lose their habitats.  If cardboard recycling efforts are increased, many animals will not be displaced and removed from their homes in trees and forests.  This may even spare species from endangerment and extinction, which becomes more prevalent as more deforestation occurs in the world around us.  Help save the animals by repurposing your cardboard or putting it out for recycling.

These are just a few of the benefits of increasing your cardboard recycling efforts in your home.  By setting aside a bin for cardboard recycling in New Jersey, you will realize that your recycling will increase.  Find ways to make recycling a priority so you can notice the benefits it offers.  Contact us today if you have any questions about recyclable goods.