What You Should Know About Recycling Plastic Bags

What You Should Know About Recycling Plastic Bags

What You Should Know About Recycling Plastic Bags

Do you keep your plastic bags stowed away in an attempt to recycle them properly?  Have they been building up over time because you aren't sure of the proper ways to go about recycling plastic?  If you recycle in your home, you are most likely aware that recycling centers do not take plastic bags.  However, this doesn't stop you from piling them up in the corner cabinet or in another "bag full of bags."  This is a great first step for plastic recycling in New Jersey, but now what do you do with them?  There are a few things you should know about recycling your plastic bags properly.

Most Stores Accept Plastic Bags

Many superstores, like Target, Walmart, and large grocery chains, will likely have a place set aside for you to recycle your plastic bags.  Most of these drop-off recycling bins accept polyethylene film, which is one of the most common plastics you'll find in store bags.  Sometimes, your bags will even have markings on them that indicate the type of plastic used, which makes it even easier to know that it's okay for these bins.

Only Certain Plastics Can Go In the Bins

Before you set off to your local superstore or grocery store, you'll want to check to make sure that the plastics you are taking are acceptable for those bins.  Most plastic bags that you'll receive from any store purchase are acceptable, just be sure to remove the receipts first.  Other common bags used in household products are also great for these bins.  This ranges from bread bags, to Ziploc bags, to produce bags, to food product wrappings.  Be sure to keep these in a spot until you build up a stash, and then take them with you to be recycled.

Clean Your Plastics First

Many people may not realize this, but if you put a dirty plastic bag in the bin, it will actually contaminate the entire bin of plastics.  You'll want to be sure to remove any spills or food residue before you take them for recycling.  Plastic recycling in New Jersey is only effective when the plastics are clean and dry, so take the time to perform this first.

Some Plastics Should Be Thrown Away

Even though plastic recycling bins are placed throughout your community, there are still some plastic materials that are deemed for the waste basket.  Frozen food bags, six-pack rings, candy bar wrappers, and cereal box liners are among this list.  In order to do your part, we suggest that you limit your purchases that contain these items.  This is the best way to save the planet from this plastic that isn't biodegradable or reusable.

These are a few things you'll want to do to recycle your plastic bags properly despite not being able to put them in your recycling bin.  Even though plastic recycling in New Jersey may take a few extra steps, it is critical in saving the environment.  Plastic contributes much of the litter that destroys wildlife and marine ecosystems.  Contact us today to increase your recycling efforts and help save the planet.