3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Recycling Company

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Recycling Company

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Recycling Company

Conserving our planet's resources is integral to keeping the world sustainable. Focusing on sustainability means that we must be responsible with metals, glass, plastics, and energy. Being eco-friendly means recycling as many consumables as possible to conserve the energy it takes to make brand new materials and lower greenhouse gas emissions in the process. The state of the world makes it essential for everyone to do their part and green recycling practices are more critical than they have ever been.

Consumers should look for a few things before choosing a recycling service in New Jersey to process their recyclable materials to make sure that they have chosen the best recycling company possible. First, it is crucial to verify that a recycling company has received recycling certification, showing their knowledge of all things we can recycle. Next, looking into their recycling violations and the type of recycling method they use will help you determine if they are the right choice for recycling your goods. Finally, many people believe that all recycling companies are alike, but they aren't. This makes it essential for people to research before choosing a local recycling company to ensure that they are getting the best services possible and doing their part to keep the earth sustainable. Our experts offer these things to consider before choosing a recycling company.

Recycling certifications matter

Nearly every reliable recycling company applies for national certification to show consumers that their recycling company is reputable. When applying for a national recycling certification, a recycling company must complete a training program to educate them on the best recycling practices available. This professional recycling training program helps make a company an authority in the recycling world. Once this recycling certification program is completed, a recycling company becomes more skilled and knowledgeable about recycling practices. It can represent its company as a group of highly qualified recycling professionals. The opportunity to be viewed as a recycling leader, increased industry knowledge, and verifiable credibility are all benefits for a recycling center getting this certification.

Single-stream recycling is worth consideration.

The process that allows recycling companies to combine different types of recyclables is called the single-stream recycling method. This recycling method makes it much easier to process recyclable goods for both consumers and the companies processing them. In addition, single-stream recycling allows recyclable items to be processed and packaged together instead of having two separate things like glass recycling, paper recycling, or plastic recycling into their own bins or categories. As a result, the single-stream recycling option significantly reduces collection costs and saves users time and energy.

Companies with recycling violations should be avoided.

Experts highly recommend choosing a recycling service in New Jersey with no recycling violations against them. Recycling violations are handed out to companies for several different reasons. Breaking recycling rules that are put into place can come with hefty fines to persuade professional recyclers to do a better job. Recycling violations can vary in seriousness from a company not following OSHA safety guidelines to simply not separating recyclables into the correct containers during the collection process. The most severe violations result in companies owing fines of over $50,000 and lead to a press release being issued from OSHA to inform consumers of their bad business practices. Severe violations by a recycling company should be a clear signal for recycling consumers to look elsewhere for reliable and sustainable recycling services. A recycling company's reputation is always negatively affected by recycling violations.