Five Easy Recycling Tips Everyone Can Follow

Five Easy Recycling Tips Everyone Can Follow

Five Easy Recycling Tips Everyone Can Follow

Did you know that many of our plastics end up littering the planet’s oceans, lakes, and land?  Are you concerned with the amount of waste that you throw away at the end of each week?  When you are worried about the negative impact that waste can have on our planet, you may start to realize how simple it is to start recycling.  Recycling is a great way to start making the planet a healthier and safer place for both us and the animals that live here.  As a recycling center in New Jersey, we help our community make an impact on the world around us.  These are a few simple recycling tips that can make it easy for everyone to start.

Flatten Your Cardboard Boxes

Many people will simply throw away their cardboard boxes because it seems easier than taking a few extra minutes to break them down.  However, cardboard recycling can actually create many more sustainable materials from just one square foot of cardboard.  Because of its reusability, it should seem simple to take those few extra seconds to flatten cardboard in your home.

Have a Designated Recycling Bin

Most homes come equipped with built-in trash cans that make throwing anything away a simple task.  However, this leads many people to neglect recycling practices.  If you are not recycling because you do not have a designated bin for these containers, it is time to change that.  Go out and purchase a trash can that you can designate as a recycling bin for everything from paper, plastic, glass, and cardboard.

Wash Out Your Containers

After you are done with the jam or butter, take the time to clean out these containers before you throw them in your recycling bin.   This also goes for the peanut butter, milk, soup, juice boxes, and any other items that you may throw in the bin.  By cleaning these containers, you prevent any contamination in your recycling bin, which can cause all the contents to be unusable.

Donate Before You Throw Away

When you declutter your home, you may realize that you have many bags of old clothes, boxes of old kitchen utensils, or outdated home décor that you no longer need.  Instead of littering the world’s landfills with these items, consider donating them.  By giving them to those in need, you not only do good, but you also help keep our landfills clutter-free.

Get a Composter

Did you know that coffee grounds, leftover food, food scraps, and fruit and vegetable rinds can actually turn into usable dirt?  When you compost these items, you can make dirt that enriches your gardens and landscaping beds.  By investing in a composter, you can make this process much easier inside your home while also reducing the amount of waste.

By implementing these simple actions in your everyday routine, you can start to improve your recycling efforts and make the world a better place.  Recycling does not require much effort, but it can have a lasting impact on the environment around us.  Contact our recycling center in New Jersey to hear how you can make a difference in our community today.