Five Ways to Reduce Waste When Grocery Shopping

Five Ways to Reduce Waste When Grocery Shopping

Five Ways to Reduce Waste When Grocery Shopping

Are you tired of the waste that you are producing when you go grocery shopping?  After you get back from the grocery store and unpack all your purchases, you may realize that the waste you have piled up is astounding.  From plastic bags to unnecessary containers to individualized packaging, the amount of waste can create piles.  As a company that focuses on cardboard recycling in New Jersey, we can help you reduce waste when doing simple everyday tasks.  These are a few of the ways that you can reduce waste when you go grocery shopping.  

Get Reusable Shopping Totes

Plastic shopping bags are one of the leading causes of pollution, and these mainly come from grocery stores and food markets.  To reduce plastic pollution, you should invest in a few quality shopping totes that can be reused many times.  Canvas totes make quality and durable bags to carry even heavy groceries, like milk and juice.  Keep these bags in your car so that they are easily accessible when you are running your errands.

Buy in Bulk

Individualized packaging can also lead to unnecessary waste.  For this reason, it is beneficial to buy your groceries in bulk.  Consider buying wholesale household items to eliminate the waste that comes from cardboard packaging and individualized packaging.

Shop Local

When you shop with local markets or stores, they tend to have more of an eco-friendly mission at the core of their business.  For example, local butchers will use more sustainable methods to package their meats.  They offer fruit baskets that can be brought back to the store after you carry the fruit home.  Take notice of these business practices and choose local shops that do better for the planet.

Recycle What You Can

When it comes to unpacking your groceries, always try to recycle the items that you can.  If you have cardboard boxes, deconstruct them and put them in your recycling bin so they can be repurposed.  Reuse jars and food containers as organizational tools in your kitchen or home office.

Keep Crates in Your Car

When it comes to packaging your groceries and taking them home, you should opt for car organization crates or bins that make it easy and sustainable.  These bins can be reused each time you run errands, which eliminates the need for many plastic bags.  Totes, bins, crates, and other containers make great organizational materials so that you can pack and unpack your car quickly without using many different plastic bags.

These are a few simple ways that you can reduce waste when you are grocery shopping.  By changing some of your lifestyle habits, you can make more efforts to leave less of a carbon footprint on the planet.  If you are looking for more information about cardboard recycling in New Jersey, contact All County Recycling to hear more today.