Four Facts You Should Know about Recycling Your Electronics

Four Facts You Should Know about Recycling Your Electronics

Four Facts You Should Know about Recycling Your Electronics

Are you wondering what to do with your old TV?  Do you want to get rid of a pile of old cables, wires, and outdated electronics?  When it comes to many types of electronics, you should actually avoid throwing them in the waste basket.  Instead, consider recycling these materials so that they can either be scrapped for parts or refurbished into usable electrics.  As a recycling center in New Jersey, we offer many recycling tips to help make the planet a better and cleaner place.  There are a few things you should know about properly recycling your electronics.

Cell Phones Can Be Reused

Tens of millions of cell phones are sold each year, but only about two million of them are returned for recycling purposes.  When it comes time for a new phone, you will want to be a part of the solution by recycling your cell phone.  Phones can be returned to your original carrier so they can be repurposed and their parts can be restored for newer technology.  Also, you should consider donating your old phone to a local charity if it is still in decent condition.

Computers Should Not Be Thrown Away

You should not throw away your computers or any other devices, as they will just end up in a landfill where they will sit for decades.  The majority of materials that are used to create computers are actually recyclable, so be sure to take the right steps to ensuring that these parts can be reused.  Many recycling companies will actually take these electronics, but you may have to inquire about special pickup or drop-offs to do so.

TVs Have Recycling Components

TVs are no different than computers, which are also composed of many recyclable materials, like plastic and glass.  Many charities will take televisions for repurposing and families in need.  You will not want to throw TVs in the trash, because most townships actually prohibit this because of the amount of lead they contain.  Also, many TV manufacturers will take your old TVs to reuse them for their parts.

DVDs Players and VCRs Are Recycled for Parts

Items like DVD players, smart devices, VCRs, and MP3 players can all be reused for their parts.  They can be refurbished, sold for charitable causes, or scrapped for parts so that new life can be breathed into them.  Avoid throwing them away and contaminating your landfill with harmful chemicals.  Talk to your local recycling center to arrange for a drop off or pickup.

These are just a few of the facts you should know what it comes time to recycling your electronics.  If you find yourself wondering whether a specific machine, device, or cable can be recycled, talk to your local recycling center in New Jersey to learn more.  Contact All County Recycling to increase your recycling efforts today.