Six Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Home

Six Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Home

Six Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Home

Are you tired of contributing to the world’s plastic problem?  Do you want to finally make the effort to reduce plastic usage and waste in your own home?  As experts in plastic recycling in New Jersey, we are here to offer you many alternative solutions to plastic.  These are just a few of the ways that you can reduce plastic usage and waste in your home.

Use Natural Sponges

When you are using those sponges that come in multi-packs, you may not realize that they are made from plastic.  These sponges may last you 1-2 weeks before you ditch them for a new sponge, which means that this is a large contributor to your plastic waste.  Instead, consider buying natural sponges, like walnut or coconut sponges, that have biodegradable components.

Switch to Refillable Cleaning Containers

Have you noticed that cleaning containers take up half of your plastic waste in your home?  Instead of using these commercial products, consider opting for refillable glass containers to do your household cleaning.  You can even make your own cleaning supplies to avoid any other containers in your home.  Better yet, this will also save you loads of money on household essentials.

Buy Boxed Items When You Can

Certain cleaning products, like laundry detergent, also comes in boxes.  Many people may not realize that there are more eco-friendly products on the market that already aim to eliminate plastic waste.  By using the right products, you save yourself the hassle of having to recycle or repurpose these containers, which may still end up in landfills anyways.

Reuse Materials

If you can, try to repurpose and reuse any plastic products that you would otherwise throw in the trash.  For example, you should reuse containers, like jars or food containers, to organize kitchen or office supplies.  These can be cleaned out and repurposed so that you can eliminate waste.

Use Dryer Balls

Dryer balls are wool balls that remove lint, hair, and dust from your clothing as it is drying.  Instead of using fabric softener, which often comes in a large plastic container, you can use these eco-friendly wool dryer balls when you are doing laundry.

Avoid Wet Wipes

Wet wipes may sound comfortable, but they actually contribute to more plastic waste than you need.  In addition to the huge clogging problem they pose, they also are created from a mix of plastics that can endanger habitats and wildlife when it ends up in the landfills.

These are a few ways that you can reduce plastic waste in your home.  When you are trying to minimize your use of plastic at home, you should partner with our experts in plastic recycling in New Jersey to hear more.  Contact All County Recycling to start doing your part and recycle today.