Four Tips to Create an Eco-Friendly Home

Four Tips to Create an Eco-Friendly Home

Four Tips to Create an Eco-Friendly Home

Have you been wanting to implement more green practices in your home? Do you want to add environmentally-friendly features to make your home more sustainable? If your goal is to become more sustainable and reduce your carbon footprint, you will want to use a quality recycling service in New Jersey. Recycling is just one of the ways that your efforts can become more eco-friendly. Here are a few more ways that you can create a more sustainable home.

Install Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

There are lightbulbs that reduce the amount of electricity required to emit the same amount of light, so this switch seems like a no-brainer. When you replace all of your home’s lightbulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs, you can save roughly 40kg of energy each year. Over the course of the lifespan of the bulb, this can amount to both a large savings in energy and also a reduction in your electricity bills. Although these bulbs are more expensive up front, they can amount to drastic savings over time.

Increase Recycling Practices

Recycling is another practice that you should implement daily in your home. Teach your family members how to properly recycle certain materials by including easy-to-access bins throughout your home. Put recycling bins in the kitchen and office space, as those are the two most popular spaces for creating waste that can be recycled. Cans, aluminum, glass, paper, and other materials can be recycled and collected each week.

Consider Composting

To reduce waste in your home, consider composting. When you compost, you are able to create fresh and nutritious soil for gardening or landscaping, by simply reusing basic household waste. For example, you should collect leftover food, coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable waste, grass clippings, and other organic matter to compost.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Opt for healthy and organic cleaning products to keep your home sanitized and clean over time. When you get rid of the toxic chemicals in your home, you will be able to live without worry about chemical exposure. It also protects your pets, children, and surfaces from the dangers of harsh chemicals. Many green cleaning companies also offer sustainable or reusable packaging, reducing even more waste from your home.

Choose Natural Materials

When constructing or renovating you home, choose natural construction materials. Natural woods add an appeal and a sustainable element to your home. These materials may be more expensive up front, but they can be recycled and reused even years later.

These are just a few ways that you can take the steps to creating a more eco-friendly home. By adding sustainable and energy-efficient features in and around your home, you can reduce your waste and make the world a better place. For more information about our recycling service in New Jersey, contact All County Recycling today.