Ways Your Office Can Encourage Recycling of Paper Products

Ways Your Office Can Encourage Recycling of Paper Products

Ways Your Office Can Encourage Recycling of Paper Products

More companies worldwide are recognizing the business and environmental benefits of recycling. Our experts on paper recycling in New Jersey will offer you a closer look at the impact of paper recycling and how you can easily implement a company recycling policy without risking your business's sensitive information.

Paper recycling is great for the environment.

A few of the benefits of recycling paper include:

  • Paper recycling works to cause a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that can negatively impact climate change.
  • It takes 70% less water and energy for paper recycling than creating new paper products from trees.
  • Recycled paper manufacturing reduces pollution that contributes to reduced air quality and health problems.

According to EPA Environmental Protection Agency studies, we can save 17 trees and over 3.3 cubic yards of space in landfills by recycling a ton of paper.

What are paper recycling best practices?

Encourage your office to focus on the 3 R's, recycle, reduce, and reuse. For example, you can reduce office paper consumption by using reusable cups and dishes instead of paper plates and cups. In addition, setting up recycling stations throughout the office can help encourage your employees to recycle paper products instead of throwing them in the trash. Maximize recycling opportunities within your office by integrating recycling practices into every department. For example, purchasing should only be allowed to purchase recycled paper, and Human Resources employees should be reminded to be mindful of their consumption of paper products. In addition, you can encourage your materials management department to dispose of paper products securely through recycling practices.

Management should carefully consider the link between information system security and paper recycling. For example, with workplace crime on the rise, offices should not keep documents in large plastic bags or recycling bins if they have private health information, Social Security numbers, or other secured information. Meeting notes, invoices, status reports, and performance reviews can also be considered sensitive information thieves can use against your business and your clients.

 Consider hiring a shredding service to ensure that all of your documents are securely shredded when you no longer need them. Use a professional document shredding company with locked bins for securing documents until they are picked up for secure shredding and recycling. Shredding services do not require you to remove paper clips, staples, and other bindings before the paper is shredded. These items can pass through industrial shredders easily and be filtered out during recycling processes.

Share recycling results with employees.

To keep your employees engaged in the recycling process, consider offering them information on the environmental and financial benefits of the recycling process. For example, talk to your shredding company about an environmental certificate that shows how many trees you have saved through your recycling efforts.

Contact us today for further information on paper recycling in New Jersey. We are here to help you create an environmentally friendly and sustainable office setting that encourages your employees and guests to get involved with your recycling efforts.