Recycling Cardboard 101

Recycling Cardboard 101

Recycling Cardboard 101


The world has become more environmentally conscious over the years, and the role of recycling in protecting the environment is evident. One of the most common recyclable products is cardboard. Cardboard recycling is a process that involves reducing the amount of waste while conserving resources. Recycling cardboard not only saves you money, but it also contributes to environmental preservation. Do you want to know the steps of recycling cardboard effectively? Here is everything you need to know.


Step 1: Sorting

Sorting is the first step when it comes to recycling cardboard. It requires separating the cardboard from other types of wastes. Often, the cardboard materials can get mixed up with other waste products, making recycling difficult. Ensure that you create a separate bin for the cardboard materials so that you can manage them with ease.

Step 2: Preparation

The next step involves preparing the cardboard materials. You need to ensure that the cardboard is free of other materials such as plastic, tape, and other contaminants. It is also essential to cut the cardboard into small sizes to enhance the recycling process. Flatten the boxes to avoid wasting space during transportation.

Step 3: Transportation

After sorting and preparing the cardboard materials, the next step is transporting the items to the recycling center. Ensure that you seek the services of a reliable company for transportation. All County Recycling is one of the leading companies that provide cardboard recycling in New Jersey. The company also offers free inspection, making it easy to know the amount of waste you have and how to manage it.

Step 4: Recycling

The final step is the actual recycling process. At the recycling center, the cardboard is shredded into small pieces and mixed with water to create a pulp. The pulp is then mixed with chemicals before being strained to eliminate any non-paper items. After cleaning and drying, the pulp can be used to make different types of paper products.



Recycling cardboard is a simple yet effective way of contributing to environmental preservation. The process involves sorting, preparing, transporting, and recycling. All County Recycling provides cardboard recycling in New Jersey, making it easy for you to contribute to environmental preservation. Contact them today to schedule a free inspection. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily recycle your cardboard materials and make the world a better place. Be environmentally conscious, choose to recycle!